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Species 三天日记/科幻诗/三美不足解读

Species Three Days Diary/Science Fiction Poetry/Three Beauties

The third speaker is tense in academic work, and temporarily compiled and typeset by the first speaker. The three-day diary for these days will be compiled by the first speaker.
This interpretation and Lenovo have removed the English part of the original article. Here only the part translated by the original author during the excerpt is presented. The original author’s website has disappeared on the Internet, and the second speaker has backed up his website. You can "click me to browse the original text"

The first part of the interpretation

I can't stand it anymore. This time we understand the excerpt of this confusing and even funny translation!

what am I turning quietly and fast
in the great I am, I am here
I am bristling and crusted stripped and pocked
I am teeming and meaning what am I meaning —
where did I come from what cupped me a whole
my core and my aura where rockets burn through
my poles and my gibbons my beautiful girth
I’m rolling round tundra and steppes and snow
I’m playplace and gut, retina, sisal and gold —
Sarah Westcott, 2012, Where Rockets Burn Through: Contemporary Science Fiction Poems from the UK
膨胀的被充斥的我,自信且坚定 —
我是乐土,脏腑,瞳孔,剑麻和金子 —

To be honest, the first time we looked at it, we couldn’t understand the 152 paragraphs in this paragraph. I really feel that these words are a bit weird. I wrote it in the preface....

The following poems and original passages, which are freely excerpted from different places, may add a sense of fun after bold translation.
As excerpts, I think they are all "extremely wonderful, profound and valuable" content, good words and sentences or inspiring.

First of all, we skip the excellent me. Why? This sentence is not very meaningful. I think it just reflects the arrogance and pride of "I" or even meaningless, so I can just ignore it. This is in short paragraphs.
And in the poem, "The bristles that look like insects are beginning to erect, cocoon, and break the shell..." It can be seen that a bunch of strange changes have begun in "I", and this evolutionary process of insects is for sublimation. At this moment, the "I" is "subliming", which seems to echo the previous "Excellent I".
So when I write here, I think that the "excellent me" is the "I" evaluation of myself after the process of change, but new points have emerged.
"I'm already fine" "I" is already very good, maybe I can get better now.

I am teeming and meaning what am I meaning
Woo! The protagonist "I" is afraid that it has become a big ball, the ball of the Pokémon dream, I think as long as I endure it, I can be better, superb!
However, I may have "inflated" my mood. I think that I will be better in the process of evolution and change, so I become more arrogant, and self-confidence and firmness represent my confidence in the results of the change.
At my core and aperture, the rocket burns and gallops past

In this passage I think of the Chinese science fiction writer Liu Cixin’s"Bring Her Eyes"In the content of this book, human beings use stratum spacecraft to go deep into the earth for exploration. Among them, the Sunset No. 6 accident broke into the core of the earth.

In the years to come, I have been to many places, and wherever I go, I like to lie on the ground there.
I used to lie on the beaches of Hainan Island, the snow and ice of Alaska, the birch forests of Russia, and the hot Sahara desert. ……Every time at that moment, the earth becomes transparent in my mind. At a depth of more than 6,000 kilometers below me, in the center of this huge crystal ball, I saw the "Sunset No. 6" land in Tingmi. The spacecraft felt her heartbeat from the center of the earth thousands of kilometers deep. I imagined the golden sunlight and silver moonlight penetrating into the center of the planet, and I heard the "Moonlight" she sang from there.
I heard her soft voice: "...how beautiful, this is another kind of music...
There is a thought that comforts me: no matter where I go to the ends of the world, I will never be far away from her. -Excerpts from Liu Cixin's works"Bring Her Eyes"It is recommended that you read this book. Part of the plot of this book is selected into the Chinese teaching edition of compulsory education of Chinese teaching junior high school.

My God, at this time I actually feel how this excerpt is similar to this book, regret it, regret it too much.

My poles, gibbons and beautiful girth

Yes, I am the protagonist. I travel deep into the center of the earth in a sunset ship. I travel through the cracks. I feel that the earth is myself and I am the earth, so that I think the earth is separated 1242.786 kilometers The poles are mine, belonging to me, similar to ancient China Chuang chou dreaming abutterfly

I’m rolling round tundra and steppes and snow
I wear glasses that transmit images. Someone on the surface of the earth is walking on white snow. Time flies. There are already many beautiful sights of the earth rolling by. Every night, I can "come to the surface", which gives me something Continue to study Xingxin. At this time, Sunset 6 had stopped advancing, stuck around the center of the earth.
I’m playplace and gut, retina, sisal and gold —
The former Zhuang Zhoumeng was Hu Die and Xu Xuran butterfly. (Self-identified Shishi and!) I don't know Zhou Ye. Suddenly, I felt awkward. I wonder if Zhou’s dream is Hu Die and? Is the dream of the butterfly Zhou Yu? (There must be a difference between Zhou and Butterfly.)...This is called materialization.-Theory of Qi and Matter

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