Three Days' Diary-Three Beauties/Interpretation of Science Fiction Poems [2] The incorrigible plural army

The incurable plural army/ TwoTPIS:This is for non-Chinese language readers, and there is no gap …

The incurable plural army/ Two

TPIS:This is for non-Chinese language readers, and there is no gap with the Chinese version. If you are a Chinese user, [please click here to read the Chinese version.
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Species Three Days Diary/Science Fiction Poetry/Three Beauties

The third speaker is tense in academic work, and temporarily compiled and typeset by the first speaker. The three-day diary for these days will be compiled by the first speaker.
This interpretation and Lenovo have removed the English part of the original article. Here only the part translated by the original author during the excerpt is presented. The original author’s website has disappeared on the Internet, and the second speaker has backed up his website. You can “click me to browse the original text”

The third part Interpretation of Lenovo-the hopeless plural army

I can’t stand it anymore. This time we understand the excerpt of this confusing and even funny translation!

Incorrigibly Plural
The network froze from the wrong kind of snow
so they carved up the sky and franchised the clouds
and tempests of tenders, flurries of offers,
brochures in blizzards descended upon us.